Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catching up

I know. We are already 5 days into October and I haven't posted in a while. Time has gotten away from me.

Last weekend Maddie was camping with the girl scouts. Yes. It was raining and damp and cold. However, she had a ball. She came home with a lot of muddy clothng. But she had a good time and I am glad she did it. This place was very rustic. No running water. No electricity. I was proud of her for sticking it out.

Meanwhile, my in-laws took Aidan overnight. He had a ball at Grandma's. So Brian and I were without any children. We ended up going out to the Gingerman with 3 other couples and then ended up going to sing Karaoke until 2 AM! Yes. Me who goes to bed at 9 PM -was out until 2 AM! It was a ton of fun.

This weekend we have another busy weekend. We are headed to Utica for a wedding and we need to find time to get our pumpkins! I can't believe it's October 5th and I haven't gotten our pumpkins for our front porch. Of course, the nasty, gray weather hasn't helped. Who wants to go pumpkin picking in the rain? Not me!

And that's the lastest update. I will leave you with a photo from Maddie's camping trip when we dropped her off.

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