Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Highest mileage, shortest month!

The numbers are in for February. I ran 92 miles! That is my highest mileage ever. Yay for me!
Double yay that February is the shortest month and I still had my highest mileage. It is a slight bummer that I was only EIGHT miles away from hitting 100. So close. Yet, still so far.

I thought briefly about trying to hit 100. I was only 14 miles away from 100 on Sunday. So I figured that I would only have to run 4.6 miles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then I would hit 100. But, then I remembered that I have to run 18 miles on Friday. So running 3 days in a row and trying to reach 100 miles, probably wouldn't have been the smartest idea. So - I laid off the miles a bit and only ran 3 on Monday and 3 today. And I am resting up for the big run on Friday.

I am thinking that March will be my month for triple digits!

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Suzy said...

Way to go! High mileage months are awesome.