Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My little rant on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was yesterday. I sent Maddie off to school with her Valentine's Day "mailbox" to collect her cards. She also had her 18 cards that she would hand out to her classmates. Then I sent Aidan off to daycare with his cards that he would hand out to his daycare buddies.

When they arrived home, both of them had bags of loot. They emptied their "treasures" on the table and there was an array of cards, lollipops, kid tattoos, and candy. Lots and lots of candy.

Really? I mean, come on. It's Valentine's Day. Not Halloween. Why is everyone giving out candy? I sent my kids off with their cards. I didn't buy candy. Back during my school days, I received cards. There was no candy. It was just cards and maybe something from my parents that did not involve food.

And while I am on my rant -  I am also that mom that does not give out goody bags at birthday parties. I mean. Really. Again. Come on. Why am I giving a bag of junk toys, and candy out? Do the kids need more stuff? No. Do the parents really want to bring home more crap stuff to their house? No. So why does everyone do it? I am not really sure why. Who started this trend? And why does everyone think it's necessary? Will I do it? Will I give in? Absolutely not.

So I will continue to send my kids to school with plain old cards on Valentine's Day. And I will continue to NOT give out goody bags at my kid's birthday party. And that's that.

Aidan and Maddie with their "loot"

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