Friday, February 24, 2012

Ten or thirteen?

This weekend's long run is scheduled for 13 miles. It should be easy after my 16 miles last week!

The problem is that I have my big 18 miler scheduled for next Friday. I took the day off so I could do the 18 miles and not have it interfere with family time on the weekend. Anyway, the issue is that I am not crazy about the idea of running 13 on Sunday and then turning around and running 18 only FIVE days later.

It just sounds like a LOT of running in a short period of time. So, instead, I am going to be flexible. We are going to only run 10 on Sunday. Ten is a lot easier than 13. And then I should be fresh for my 18 miler on Friday.

Eeeks. I am in the big time now. EIGHTEEN! That is a long way!  The good news about marathon training is that my longest training run will only be 20 miles. I will never run 26.2 UNTIL the actual marathon. I know. It's strange to me too. A lot of people have asked me why that is. The answer that everyone tells me is that if you can run 20, then you can run 6 more miles and finish the marathon. Interesting. I guess I shall see how that works out on marathon day. 

Meanwhile, I will just enjoy my downtime this week and take advantage of my short 10 mile run!

Have a great weekend!

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