Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shop Rite

Since we have a new Shop Rite in the area, I finally decided to take advantage of their "Shop at Home" program.

If you are not familiar with this program - let me tell you about it.

Basically you shop online and you have the choice to go and pick your groceries up, or you can have them delivered. If you spend more than $100, there is no delivery fee.

As I shopped online for my groceries, I was impressed. The online system was organized, user friendly, and it even gave me a place to make notes about an item. I used the notes section to tell them that I wanted my bananas as green as possible, and I wanted my cheese sliced thin.

I would have taken advantage of the delivery service. However, I had coupons I wanted to use, so I opted to go to the store and pick up my groceries. I was instructed to drive to the side of the building where the "Shop at Home" section was. I went in and paid. Meanwhile, all of my groceries were ready and bagged. They loaded my car, and they even gave me 2 bouquets of flowers since I was a first time customer.

I drove away feeling very happy. I had saved myself the hassle of wandering the aisles, paying for my groceries, bagging them, and loading the car.

Will I use this all the time? Probably not. Only because there are certain things I like to buy at Hannaford, and I like to take advantage of the sales at Price Chopper. But, I definitely foresee myself using this every 4-6 weeks, when I need to stock up, or when I am feeling lazy and can't get myself to the store.

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