Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes, I get lucky

The Women's Night Out Event where Giuliana Rancic is speaking is happening tomorrow.

And until about 12 hours ago, I really thought I would not be going.

First, my friend Kara entered the contest on the OTE blog. She ended up as one of three finalists. She said that if she won the two tickets, she would take me. And then the voting happened. And she didn't win.

Then the OTE blog had another contest. This time, I was one of four finalists. And then there was a drawing. And I didn't win.

And just when I thought all hope was lost, my father came through for me big time. He snagged two tickets for me and I actually get to go this event tomorrow night. And the best part about it was when I called Kara this morning to tell her that we were going.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day. I can't wait!
Thanks Dad!!!!

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