Friday, September 28, 2012

Women's Night Out event

Last night was awesome.
Simply awesome.

I arrived at the Marriott at 4:45 and I was sitting in the lobby waiting for Kara. I was probably sitting there for about 5 minutes when a limo pulled up outside. And before I knew it, Giuliana herself was getting out of the limo. She literally walked into the lobby and walked right by me. It was very cool. I had to contain myself to not run over and knock her down with a hug. I managed to just stand there and look awestruck like a normal person. What a great way to start the evening.

A few minutes later Kara arrived, and we headed into the event. On our way in, we were greeted with some pink champagne with raspberries. We each had a glass of the yummy bubbly and then headed to the check-in table.

We checked in and then wandered around. There was a huge silent auction, and a very cool vendor expo with all sorts of fun things. We ran into a few people we knew. In fact, I ran into the doctor that delivered Maddie. How random is that? (She is not my regular OB, and she didn't remember me.)  Big surprise. As I pointed out to Kara, I wasn't looking my best when I gave birth. And I wasn't wearing a hospital gown last night. So I forgave her for not remembering me.

After that it was time to go in and sit down for dinner. We listened to speeches by Neil and Jane Golub, Lydia Kulbida, and Kristi Barlette. We learned all about the new Ellis building. Every woman also received a card to get a free cardiac screening. We also received a Shamballa bead bracelet, and a huge chocolate bar.

My bracelet looks like this...I guess they are all the rage right now!
Who knew?

Before I knew it, it was 8 PM and Giuliana was out on the stage!

She ended up speaking for just over an hour. She talked about how she got her break on E News. She also talked about how she met her husband Bill, and then she talked about her breast cancer and her infertility. Her speech was great. She was funny, motivational, and inspirational. I laughed. I cried. It was fantastic.

After she was done speaking, the evening was over. She was lingering over on one side of the room and people were getting up to leave. Kara and I bee-lined over to where she was standing. And Kara actually got to speak to her and they hugged! I was so happy for her. It was great to watch. People kept surrounding her and security was trying to move her along so she was whisked away pretty fast.

It was a great evening! And now, today, I am having Giuliana letdown. Thanks Dad for nabbing the tickets!!! It was a great event, and I am already wondering who will be the keynote speaker next year!

Kara and me at our table.

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Sounds like such a great experience.