Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Running Recap

Let's face it. The month of February was not ideal weather for running.
Let's ignore the fact that about 2 feet of snow was dumped on us around Valentine's day.
Let's just talk about the cold. The freezing cold.
That alone was enough to drive me to the dreaded treadmill because I just could not stand running outside for one more day.
We did manage to get 2 nice days last weekend where temps reached the high 40's. Gasp.
Some snow melted.
I managed to get 2 long runs in on those days.
But then it just went right back to freezing.

Anyway - my mileage for February was 81 miles. Not bad considering it was a short month and considering the weather was freezing.

What's on tap for March?

Well - I started the day off with a 7 mile run with Felice and Janis.
And I registered for the Hudson Mohawk Half Marathon which is in October. Registration opened today and it sells out fast! So that was a decision that had to be made. So - I am doing it again.

As far as races, I have the Running of the Green on March 16th.
I hope to up my mileage on the weekends in preparation for the May half.
And I am hoping for some warmer temps!  Spring...where art thou?
Happy March.

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