Sunday, December 14, 2014

Does my 9-year old really still believe?

I remember exactly how I found out that Santa wasn't real.
I was 7 years old and my mom and I were in the car. I think we were driving to gymnastics, or the orthodontist. Anyway - we were somewhere in Watervliet and driving down a hill. Don't ask me how I know this - but I do. In fact, I could point out the exact spot that the conversation started if I drove that route today.

Anyway - I just straight out asked my mom if there was a Santa.

And she just straight out answered me and told me the truth.

What to the what?
What mom does that?

Apparently my mom did. She didn't even try to mask the situation. So then a conversation happened that involved the truth about the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. So. Yeah. That was how I found out the truth about the magical creatures that bring us toys, money, and candy.

Surprisingly, my 7-year old self wasn't too upset with the answer. I just kind of accepted it and moved on. I don't recall being too upset that Christmas, and life just went on.

So this is why I am kind of in disbelief  that my 9-year old daughter in FOURTH grade still believes. Maddie is a pretty logical kid, and she is also too smart for her own good. She is also pretty good at detective work. For all these reasons - it amazes me that she flat out believes that Santa is real. What amazes me more is that she believes that the damn elf really flies back and forth to the North Pole every night.


She really does. In fact, we had a whole conversation about the elf the other day and I got a little carried away with the "magic" of it all. It involved me telling her that the elf whizzed by my nose while I was working, and he landed on the floor with a thud. I had to tell him to slow down. She wanted to know in detail how fast he was going and what else he said. She was amazed that I saw the elf fly.

Yeah...It was kind of cute. I tried to dismiss the fact that I just told my daughter a fib lie. But- my 7-year old self got caught up in the story. And I just went with it while I enjoyed Maddie's need to hear more about the elf's antics.

What also amazes me  - is that no one in 4th grade has hinted to her that Santa is not real. She has not come home saying, "So-and-so told me that there is no Santa." I have not had to do any damage control. What a relief.

Maybe the entire fourth grade class believes?

Don't get me wrong. I am happy she still believes. In fact, it is a bit of a relief because I honestly can't trust her to keep her mouth shut and not tell her brother. I can't imagine what will happen when she really does find out. Will she really keep the magic alive for Aidan? Mmmm. Fortunately we don't have to worry about that this year.

For now, I will just enjoy the fact that the childhood innocence lives on in our house. They do grow up too fast. So it is good to know that the magic still dances on. For this year anyway...

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